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Bungee Jumping in Uganda

Bungee Jumping in Uganda| Bungee Jumping in Jinja

Bungee jumping in Uganda is remarkably one of the most thrilling adrenaline adventures offering a lifetime experience to visitors on Uganda safari holiday. With adrift bungee jumping, tourists have opportunity to kiss the Nile 44m from the high ground! If you are an enthusiastic adventure traveler, it is one of kind experiences you shouldn’t miss out on Uganda safari.

Bungee jumping in Uganda is carried out only in Jinja, a great place best known as the adrenaline adventure capital of East Africa. Jinja lies close to Lake Victoria and it is where the only source of the Nile is found making it an amazing leisure tourism destination one can enjoy adrenaline adventures like bungee jumping while on Uganda safari.

In Africa, bungee jumping adventure is provided by a handful of countries and besides Uganda, it is offered in Zimbabwe on the Victoria Falls, Kenya, Bloukran Bridge in South Africa. However, bungee jumping in Uganda, Jinja isn’t for the faint hearted because it is a breathtaking adventure worth challenging yourself on Uganda safari.

How bungee jumping in Uganda is done

Bungee jumping in Uganda is such a unique adventure, takes short time since it involves you jumping from a platform with a bungee cord connected to 2 tied legs. While this adventure doesn’t require prior experience, on the other hand, participants need to be set psychologically.

Your ankle will be tied and when jumping, your face will be looking down with the entire body also tied to let you float like a butterfly. Prior releasing you, the adrift instructor will count 1-3 then shouts bungee and there you go. The bungee cord shall be released till you kiss the waters of the Nile.

It is possible to engage in a day or night/evening bungee jumping in Uganda. Each of these offers a distinct experience and what makes it special is the fact you dive down off the tower till you touch the water of the River Nile thus offering a lifetime experience.

How safe is bungee jumping in Jinja?

Bungee Jumping in Jinja Bungee Jumping in UgandaParticipants interested in bungee jumping in Uganda will first register and this cover making payment and signing the waiver form. During registration, you can decide to engage in a short or long jump. Long bungee jump takes you till you touch the Nile water and the short one takes you halfway.

Upon finishing registering, you will be called one by one to be briefed as others wait or cheer you on the balcony. All legs are tied to one rope to let you fall freely and first jumpers are warned against looking down at 44m cliff prior jumping.

Note, bungee jumping in Uganda is safe and it has existed for a test of time, no accident has been registered. There are standards especially the newly set by Zealand or Australia that are observed by the company.

The jumping cords used are of high-quality latex rubber and it is made in a such away it suits within the world’s standard, it is tested thoroughly prior using it. Besides, there are best trained and experienced professionals to instruct which ensures safety of bungee jumpers.

What is required to participate in bungee jumping Jinja?

  • Interested bungee jumpers must ensure he or she is free of any heart diseases like high blood pressure.
  • He or she should be 13 and above to participate in bungee jumping in Uganda
  • Participants should have minimum weight of 35kgs but the tower supports 260kgs maximum.
  • Pregnant women are highly prohibited from bungee jumping adventure.
  • Bungee jumping is not allowed in case it is raining.

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